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Yin Yoga Workshop for Hips & Shoulders


Are your hips and shoulders in need of some extra love? If yes, then this workshop is for YOU! This workshop will offer students a relaxing yin practice to release tension in the hips and shoulders.

Yin asanas (postures) are generally held for 3 - 5 minutes, with counterposes and slow movements in between asanas. Longer holds target deeper layers of fascia to keep the tissues healthy and the joints mobile. Students of all experience levels are welcome to attend.

Throughout the workshop we will explore the following:

  • How to practice yin yoga

  • The benefits of yin yoga vs. the benefits of vinyasa yoga and how they compliment each other

  • Yin asanas that open the hips and shoulders

  • How to create a customized home practice



Later Event: July 13
Roll & Release + CBD